I was talking to some friends today that actually helped me to think about this topic. Whatever I said below are only from my own experince, no righ or wrong,  just matter of my opinions.

I do think in order for us to get lucky, we can't just sit there hoping the good luck charm will fall on us, or talking to ourselves that blah blah is lucky, she has a new house, she married to a nice guy, she has a nice body..I believe every good luck is coming from hard work, even the Victoria’s secret supermodels, have to eat (or not eat) certain food to prevent them getting fat, go to gym every day, I know how hard that is, myself, I can't do that or I'd be losing 10 more pound already. So we can't give ourselves excuses if we want to get lucky, come on, work hard for it, there is no easy way out, even we see others life seem luckier, but we don't know the stories behind them, if we feel sad because our life seem less lucky than others, then we are pushing ourselves in a path of being unlucky....yup!

I feel happier and confident more about myself now, in general my confidence has been built up (by myself) by time even I'm getting older(and wiser) and my life seem unsettled in certain point right now, however, when I look back, over 10 years ago, when I didn't even know how to cook rice correctly, and the same dish I cooked tonight, was too salty 10 years back, I am actually proud of myself that I have some improvements over the years. It may seem small, but start small, and how we build up our own confidence is not from other’s validations, not from other’s opinions about us, it’s how we review ourselves, little achievements in our life is something we should reward ourselves and be happy about it, therefore be confident too. When we are confident in our own skin, we also become stronger, it doesn’t matter what others think about us, good and bad, nothing can beat us up when we are confident and strong-minded. Trust me, there will always be someone who will always think of someone is not good enough, if we have to live our life through other’s opinions about us, we will be miserable. I had friends asking me why I didn’t get married when I had chance to get married, ironically,  I said, because I know I would get divorced! :P  because I was not ready for the responsibilities to build a family! Or maybe because I didn't have enough confidence to believe in. But We don’t have to do certain things in certain time period of life, life events are not tasks.  at least for me, I was not ready, it’s just like you are asking me to go for battles when I don’t know how to shoot a gun! Unfortunately, I realized I probably made right decisions about it, and I hope all these time after digesting things the hard way will eventually paid off…Just like a phrase saying: you will get same tests over and over again until you pass the tests – very true!! :-) I guess I am a slow learner afterall! J haha…

So sometimes I do feel I’m lucky in some way (just sometimes…J ) and I know I work hard for it, and I shall be happy and proud of it! J Yet continue to be a good kid, after all, Life is a school from beginning to the end! J If we fail, don’t beat up by it, get up and start again…:)