I wanted to create my own web site with my own domain for a long time. Now I finally get to it. It does take lots of time, I haven't set up many things and still trying to figure how this site would look and what content would be on here. But start from a small step. :)

Today sitting under the sun, it feels so good! Most time all I need is sun, I feel happier when we have sunny days (unfortuntely, Cleveland has a long/dull winter). And often time, I found myself was clouded by negetivies that I was blind to see what's present, what's good around me. Now engaging myself into a quiet mind, I am be able to see good things around NOW, be grateful, therefore, be happy.
You won't feel happy if you are not grateful (no matter how bad situations are), I think that's one of the key to enter into the world of happiness..) What do you think?



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